Tennis Tournaments 2021

June 4-6

Yellowknife Tennis Club Season Opener Results

Men’s Singles: 4:3  
Winner: Nikhilesh Gohil
Runner Up: K.M. Safat Rashif – Retired from the match due to injury 

Ladies Singles: 6:1 and 6:2
Winner: Tamara Jovic
Runner Up:  Maureen Van Overliew 

Mixed Doubles: 6:4 and 6:3
Winners: Tamara Jovic & Nikola Jovic
Runner Up: Hiro Kobayashi and Randy Rivers

Mens’ Doubles: 6:4; 3:6 and 2:6
Winner: Nikhilesh Gohil and Joe Curran
Runner Up: Rashif and Nikola Jovic

Ladies Doubles: 6:3; 3:6; and 6:0
Winner: Anita Ogaa and Hiro Kobayashi
Runner Up: Tina Hendrickson & Elizabeth Du Plessis    

July 2-4 Fort Smith Club Tournament
July 9-11

Yellowknife Tennis Club Open Tournament Results

Men’s Singles: 6:2 and 6:0 
Winner: Nikhilesh Gohi
Runner Up: K.M. Safat Rashif 

Ladies Singles: 7:5 and 6:4
Winner: Tamara Jovic
Runner Up:  Anna Coles

Mixed Doubles: 6:2 and 6:3
Winners: Anna Coles and Nikhilesh Gohil
Runner Up: Tamara Jovic & Nikola Jovic

Mens’ Doubles: 7:5 and 6:3
Winner: K.M. Safat Rashif and Nikola Jovic
Runner Up: Jean Tuyshime and Randy Rivers

Ladies Doubles: 6:4; 6:7 and 6:4
Winner: Hiro Kobayashi and Maureen Mccabe
Runner Up: Marissa and Teresa Martin 

July 22-25 NWT Open Tennis Tournament
August 18-22

Blachford Lake Lodge YK Doubles Tournament – August 18-22

Enter Mixed, Ladies’ or Men’s Doubles and be entered to win a Trip for 2 to Blachford Lake Lodge & Wilderness Resort

September 9-12

Yellowknife Fall Tournament

Registration Closes Saturday, Sept 4


We hope to see you there!

1. Rain Delays
In case of a break in tournament play due to rain (or other), the tournament organizer
will notify players of their match time change.

2. Lateness Penalties
If a player arrives late to their match (15-30 minutes late) it will result in a game penalty
for the first set. (Opponent starts 1-0 up)

If a player is more than 30 minutes late, it is considered a forfeit and the opponent
receives a 6-0 6-0 win.

3. Line Calls (in / out), Let calls
All matches will follow the Tennis Canada Rules; each player is in charge of making the
calls on their side of the net only. (My side, my call)

In case of a dispute between players, either player is allowed to request a referee for
the remainder of the match who will supervise the players calls.

On a serve, if the ball skims the top of the net and lands “In”, it is the returner’s job to
call “Let” immediately. If there is no “Let” call made by the returner, the point must be

4. Scoring and change-overs
To collect a set, a player needs to collect 6 games, and needs 2 more than the opponent.

In case of a 6-6 score in a set, players will play a tie-break (see below).

Players are to change sides every odd number of total games. (1, 3, 5…)

When switching sides, players are allowed a 90 second break at the bench. This break is
extended to 2 minutes at the end of a set. However, players do not get any break at the
first changeover of a set (1-0).

5. Tie-break
At the start of the tie-break, the player that was next up to serve will serve first from the
deuce(right-hand) side. After that first point is played and the score is (1-0), the other
player will then serve for 2 points in a row staring on the left-hand side (Ad). From then
on, the serve will switch every 2 points until a player has reached 7 points. A player
must win by 2. Remember to switch sides every 6 points.

6. Other
The player that is listed first in the draw, is responsible for collecting a can of balls from
the clubhouse, before their match. For example, if the match ups are written ‘Roger
Federer vs Rafael Nadal’ on the schedule, then Roger is responsible for collecting the
can of balls.

The winner of a match is responsible for reporting the score to the tournament director.