YK Tennis Tournaments 2020


August 21 Tentative Fort Smith Club Tournament
July 2-5

Yellowknife Tennis Club Open Tournament

YK Tennis held its first tournament of the year with double the registration from last year. Rain interrupted some matches, brought out the mosquitos in force and caused tournament organizers some grief, but in the end, the weekend turned out beautifully!

Tournament Results:

Men’s Singles (17 players) – MD Mahfuzur Rahman Muha beat Daniel Nastas 6-3, 6-3
Ladies’ Singles (20 players) – Anna Coles beat Jenny Hickman 6-0, 6-2
Men’s Doubles (7 teams) – MD Mahfuzur Rahman Muha and KM Safat Rashif beat Jean Tuyishime and Randy Rivers  6-1, 6-3
Ladies’ Doubles (6 teams) – Anna Coles and Dawn Keim beat Shirley Zhang and Anita Ogaa 6-2, 6-2
Mixed Doubles (5 teams) – Nik Jovic and Tamara Jovic beat Jenny Hickman and Ryan Vanderkruk 6-4, 6-3

July 24-26 NWT Open Tennis Tournament
August 14-16

YK Tennis Doubles Tournament –


September 3-7

Yellowknife Fall Tournament 

Tournament Results:

Men’s singles (6:4; 6:4)
Winner: Alex Godfrey
Runner Up: Md Mahfuzur Rahman
Ladies singles (6:1; 6:0)
Winner: Tamara Jovic
Runner up: Mercy Mupedziswa
Mixed Doubles (6:1; 6:4)
Winners: Tamara Jovic and Md Mahfuzur Rahman
Runner up: Hiro Kobayashi and Randy Rivers
Men’s Doubles (4:5; 6:1; 6:0)
Winners: Nikki Gohil and Jean Tuyishime
Runner up: Damien Healy and Joey Borkovic
Ladies Doubles:
Winners: Anita Ogaa and Hiro Kobayashi
Runner Up: Tina Hendrickson and Elizabeth du Plessis

We hope to see you there!