Club Ladder

Club Ladder Rules

  • The Ladder is open to all members of the Yellowknife Tennis Club.
    Please register by Friday 9th June 2023.
  • The Ladder is mixed gender. There will be two or more divisions (depending on numbers of players registered) split by skill level.

Ladder Play

  • The Ladder is singles play.
  • A match consists of one super set: first player to reach 8 games wins the match.
  • If the score reaches 7-7, players will play a tie break to determine the winner of the match (in this case, the final score would be 8-7).
  • A tie break is the first to 7 points (a player must win by 2 points). To start a tie break, the player that was next up to serve will serve first from the right-hand side. After that first point is played, the other player will then serve for 2 points in a row (from the left-hand side first, then the right-hand side).
  • From then on, the serve will switch every 2 points until a player reaches 7 points. Remember to switch sides every 6 points.

Ladder scoring

  • The number of games (out of 8) a player wins all count towards a player’s standing, whether or not their match was a win or loss. E.g. if a player loses the match but wins 6 games, then they will receive +6 points towards their standing. The winner of the match receives +8 points.
  • Both players are responsible for submitting their scores (number of games won, out of 8) to the Ladder Coordinator.
  • Scores must be submitted within 24 hours of the match.
  • The Ladder Coordinator will input the players’ scores to the Ladder Standings


  • A master schedule will be drawn up by the Ladder Coordinator. The format of the schedule will depend on the number of players registered.
  • Players have a 2-week window in which to complete each match.
  • Dates and times of matches are determined on a match-by-match basis. Players must consult with their opponent to determine which date and time within the 2-week window works best for both.
  • In the event that a date and time is not possible within the 2-week window (for example, due to self isolation, travel or rotational work), players may schedule their game outside of the 2-week window (but this must not delay the players’ other scheduled matches) and they must notify the Ladder Coordinator.
  • If a player does not show up for their pre-arranged match, they will forfeit the match and receive 0 points while their opponent will receive a win and 8 points.
  • If a player does not make efforts to arrange their matches or is non-responsive, the Ladder
  • Coordinator will decide if that player should be removed from the Ladder.


  • The Ladder Coordinator is responsible for collecting and posting the standings every 2 weeks.
  • Standings are based on the number of games each player wins in their matches.

Crowning the Champions

  • The player in each division with the highest overall standings at the end of the season will be crowned Champions of the Ladder – there will be prizes.


  1. Be on time for your match. Things happen and you may be running late, but if that is the case, make sure to let your opponent know.
  2. Bring tennis balls with you. Both players should bring one can of balls with them.
  3. Follow the Covid guidelines of the Yellowknife Tennis Club. Yellowknife Tennis Club has outlined some guidelines for playing tennis that are in line with the current recommendations of the Chief Public Health Officer. Make sure you are aware of these guidelines.
  4. Play hard and have fun!